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Hey guys, this little angel lives in my area and just went through her first round of chemo without her mom by her side because she’s pregnant and can’t be around the radiation. This angel isn’t doing so well so I’m asking to please pray for her. Please reblog to spread this around to get more prayers from everybody. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanks.

🙏 Prayers to her .

You got this baby


dior homme spring/summer 2015

Free! Eternal Summer episode 12 locations: Sydney

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Mihai Bran | Margaret Howell SS15 | ph Russ McClintock

A little behind posting this one, but I did a piece for Nautilus, a great science publication. This current issue is all about big bangs. The article I worked with is about the big bang theory being a form of creation myth among many other creation myths found in human history. As early as 2600 BC Sumerians describe the earth and sky being separated allowing for the creation of humans. Even earlier, around 2300 BC there are references to Atum (the sun god) in Egyptian pyramid texts, spitting out air and moisture. Naming seems to be a big part of these ancient myths, a reoccurring theme. Many thanks to AD Len Small!

Nico Hülkenberg | 2014 Singapore Grand Prix [Thursday]

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